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TV Ears

Listen to the TV at Your Own Volume!

TV Ears - Listen to TV at your own volume

Better Hearing Systems of NW LA offers TV Ears for its customers in the Shreveport-Bossier area.  TV Ears is the perfect way to listen to TV at your own volume without disturbing others in the same room.

TV Ears has earned the trust of doctors, audiologists, and hearing professionals throughout the nation to provide their patients diagnosed with high frequency hearing loss with a reliable and effective solution for listening to television.

All TV Ears products feature Voice Clearifying Circuitry (VCC) which automatically amplifies hard-to-hear high frequency speech and decreases amplification of distracting music and background noise.  Television dialog will become clear and easy to understand with VCC. Words seem to jump out and even whispers can now be heard.

TV Ears 3.0 

The 3.0 system works with most TVs and covers up to 600 sq. ft. While using TV Ears, the television volume can be lowered or muted without affecting the TV Ears volume. Audiologists nationwide recommend the TV Ears 3.0 Headset System as the #1 wireless TV listening device. Each headset has Comply™ Foam TV Ears Tips and weighs only 1.6 oz.  It is designed to rest under the chin so it won’t mess up your hair or get hot or uncomfortable, and will stay on when you're lying down. The patented TV Ears Tips self-mold with the ear, reducing background noise and providing unparalleled comfort and cleanliness.
TV Ears Digital
The TV Ears Digital is equipped with an easy to use on/off volume dial, tone dial, balance dial, patented self molding foam ear tips, rechargeable battery, and headset expansion jacks. The wireless headset weighs only 2 oz  and has expansion jacks on the headset allow you to plug into your favorite electronic devices such as your computer, telephone and iPod.

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TV Ears Professional System 

The Professional System has all the features of the Original Plus and more.  The Professional System comes with two headsets and accessory cords that let you plug in a music source or cell phone.  It is the perfect headset for amplifying TVs, telephones, computers, iPods, and family conversations.  The system somes with two Professional headsets.

TV Ears Wireless Speaker System

The Wireless Speaker System brings the sound from the TV directly to you.  Bringing the sound closer to you eliminates the need to crank up the TV volume. The speaker comes with a TV Ears transmitter and Connection for music player or smartphone 

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TV Ears AIK (Alternate Installation Kit) 

The AIK comes with a microphone and headphone jack  adapter to hook up your transmitter to TV's that don't have audio out ports.

Please contact us for more information on how to order your own TV Ears.
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